Commercial Dough Mixer 130l

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  • Powerful motor that can handle even the largest batches of dough
  • Dual-motor system, with one motor dedicated to the bowl and another to the arm
  • Two operational modes, manual and automatic
  • Intuitive control panel with user-friendly controls and built-in timer
  • High-quality stainless steel construction that is easy to clean and maintain
  • Versatile design with a range of interchangeable attachments for mixing different types of doughs
  • Large capacity of 130kg, allowing you to produce more baked goods in less time
  • Reliable performance and durable construction that ensure years of trouble-free use

The commercial dough mixer 130l

Are you in large scale commercial baking? The Bakewave commercial dough mixer 130l can support the production of over 3,000 loaves in 10 hours. Similarly, for buns rolls and scones it can support atleast 3,000 packets of 6 pack buns, rolls and scones.

Unique features of the commercial dough mixer 130l

It has 2 motors totalling 9kw . One motor rotates the powerful mixing arm and the other motor rotates the bowl. It this two types of rotation that make this mixer a high speed mixing machine.
What is the significance of a high speed mixer?
A high speed mixer;
1. Provides effective mixing producing high quality dough therefore a high quality loaf. This is because its able to break down the gluten and mix the sugar and other components very finely.
2. It reduces mixing time to a total of  10 minutes (5 minutes low speed plus 5 minutes high speed). This prevents over heating of the dough, therefore giving yeast an optimal environment to work.

How do I choose a commercial dough mixer?

You need to consider the following;
1. Bowl capacity in this case 130l. this is simply the amount of water that can fill the bowl.
2. Flour capacity. This is the amount of dry flour that the mixer can take in a go. For the 130l commercial dough mixer the flour capacity is 50kg.
3. Dough capacity. Its the total amount of all mixed ingredients generated after mixing, in this case its 100kg of dough.
4. Your production capacity. If you are below 2000 loaves consider spiral mixer 60kg. For the commercial dough mixer 130l we are talking about 3,000 loaves in a day.
5. Type of baked products you are baking. For example, for buns, scones, rolls, bread, chapatis you will require a dough mixer. For cakes, some cookies and pastries, you can use a planetary/cake mixer.

Bowl sizeL130L
Flour capacitykg50
Dough capacitykg130
Dimensionmm 1330 x 840 x 1560
Hook speedr/m100/200
Bowl speedr/m12

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