Our Services

We offer high quality bakery equipment with international standard Aftersales Services in East Africa

High Quality Baking Equipment

With the current inflation in Kenya, Bakewave is offering energy efficient and low maintenance equipment to allow bakers to thrive in this economic crisis.

Warranties & Service Level Agreements (SLA)

All our equipment come with a 1 year warranty on manufacturer’s defects. During this period, we offer SLA to our clients for service and maintenance of the equipment.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Training

Bake Wave Ltd has developed a solid Bakery Food Safety Management from the point of receiving raw materials to the moment the product gets to the shelf. This prevents against common bread contaminants such as black bread mould and yeast, and also minimizes food contamination & food poisoning. With our guidelines in place, it is easy for the customer to qualify for local certifications such as KEBS and Public Health Inspection.

Staff Sourcing and Training

One of our core areas in the consultation is identifying the staffing requirements when providing the end to end solution. We interview on behalf of our clients the oven man, mixer man, molder man, cake bakers and decorates, head bakers and bakery managers. We have accurate job descriptions for the same in which our customers can use in their employmen contract.

25+ Years Of Experience in the baking industry

Installation & Commissioning

We have experienced technicians who will be involved in the commissioning of the bakery and a master baker who will be based in the site for the next two days for quality assurance.

Product Development & Implementation

Our master baker will train clients’ staff on new recipes and special products, to ensure our clients have the best products.

Costing Calculation

Bake Wave Ltd model ensures that from the beginning as we design and plan the bakery, costs of labour, energy, packaging and ingredients are considered for each product, and kept at the lowest possible level, to ensure our clients have good profit margins.