Successful Bakery Business Set Up in a Supermarket in Juja-Kiambu County

“And now we are cutting the cake for the birthday of the new Juja Ecomatt supermarket bakery Launch”. Those were the exact words from the guest of honor as we commissioned an ultramodern bakery and supermarket in Juja. A lot had gone into making this moment a reality.

The commissioning of the bakery

The planning stage

For the Ecomatt Kabiria supermarket chain we had set up two bakeries in other branches. This were convection oven setups and were huge success.In fact they could not meet demand in Kawangare and Uthiru branches.

That’s why we had carefully planned to have a rotary oven set up in Juja Branch. This would produce a maximum of 3300 loaves in 10 hours. But to our surprise after launching the Juja project demand for loaves and cakes surpassed the oven capacity.

This resulted from mouth-watering bread, cake, and cookie recipes we had shared with the client. We had also deployed our best training teams to assist the client’s bakers.

We had to add a 3 deck 6 tray oven in the next few weeks. This would focus on producing cakes. The rotary oven was overwhelmed by demands. Hundreds of packets of buns, scones, rolls, and bread had to be produced. The bakers working on this new branch had been trained months earlier by Bakewave’s master bakers. This had been done in their branch at a Kabiria Ecommat in Kawangware.

Bread Produced at Ecomatt supermarket

Benefits of a bakery inside a supermarket

1. Ready customers-No costs are incurred to take the product to the buyers. This ensures more profit margins

2. Premium products with higher margins such as special breads, cakes, and birthday cakes can be easily sold. This ensures the bakery maintains a high-profit margin.

A sample of the premium cakes produced at Ecomatt

3. It boosts supermarket sales. This is because it bakery attracts many customers because of the great aroma produced. After buying baked products on their way out they buy other items.

Check the video below to see the whole supermarket in operation.