Value Addition in Kajiado County Industrial Bread Production

The Kajiado County  Industrial Bread Production project by one of our clients was one of a kind. This is because the client’s target was to produce 20,000 loaves per day.So when the client and his team walked into our offices and explained his vision we knew deon the onset it was going to be a rotary oven project. But how many rotary ovens?

The planning stage

The first thing we did was to visit the site at the heart of Kitengela Town. It was just an empty godown undergoing renovation. Our technical teams immediately got to work. We took accurate measurements of the place and mapped out the positions of various departments. This included the store, mixing area, dough preparation area, and oven area. We also included the bread cooling area, slicing, and packaging sections. Finally the crate storage and dispatch office.All this was done in line with FIFO PRINCIPLE(FIRST IN FIRST OUT). Also, BAKERY HACCP International food safety standards were followed.

Industrial Bakery Installation

We immediately deployed our lead technician to guide us in the electrical wiring and plumbing. Each machine was placed as per the design of the bakery complete with industrial sockets. The proofer, oven, and sink were also connected to water. For the oven particularly this is because it uses the new technology of steaming the bread. This gives the bread a golden brown color.

The Bakery Equipment proposed.

We installed three rotary ovens each with a production capacity of 6,000 loaves every 20 hours. This came to about 18,000 loaves’ total production capacity per day.We also included two powerful spiral dough mixers. Each had a capacity of 100kgs dough capacity. A double proofer and an automatic bread slicer were also included.The Kajiado Industrial Bread Production plant was now up and running!