Commercial bread factory set up in Kenya

We did a commercial bread factory setup at the heart of Kenya’s capital city in the industrial area section. The customer had big plans . We had started with one oven doing 6000 loaves in 24 hours. However, in another 3 months, the customer added 3 more ovens to triple the production.

How did this happen 

It all began when the customer walked into our offices along Mombasa Road and shared his vision. We knew it was going to be a big task ahead. His plan was to grow the production to 100,000 loaves in the next year.

So we advised them to consider the standard rotary oven for a start. This produced 330 loaves per hour. We took a site visit and advised on layout, wiring, and plumbing.

One month later we delivered the 2-tonne heavy rotary oven. We also delivered a 100kg spiral dough mixer and the automatic bread slicer. We also advised the client to have a tabletop bread slicer to act as a backup. This is because a slicing machine is critical for industrial bread production. In case one of the slicers fails, he can use the other one. This will ensure bread goes to the market on time.

Why the client decided to expand 

1. The first rotary oven did an excellent job. These ovens are heavy-duty and equipped with steaming technology. Steaming allows the production of soft golden brown allowing the customer to compete in the market.

The heavy-duty structure of the diesel-powered rotary oven ensures fuel efficiency. It consumes about 4 liters per hour and uses Riello Diesel Burner.

2. To compete in the market the customer needed enough volume of bread. Therefore the decision to scale up from 6,000 loaves to 20,000 loaves was great.

3. We gave excellent round-the-clock backup support. This gave the customer confidence  that even with more ovens we could be there to offer any support