Commercial convection bakery business in a school in Kenya

Staff at Early Bird unloading bread from the convection oven

It all started with a call from the Early bird School in Machakos County on their requirement for commercial convection oven baking project request.

This request was one of its kind .It is because the school has several branches and was looking to cut down the cost of bread they consume daily. So we advised them to choose a central location in one of their schools .They chose  the kindergarten since it had ample space. It was located on Machakos town.

Bakery project implementation for the school

So we got down to work. We visited the school and advised the size of room required. Moreover we  designed it in accordance  with HACCP Food safety standards and FIFO principle. The school then put up the structure.

Our technicians then got to the ground. They advised on correct electrical wiring of the premises complete with industrial sockets. They also advised on plumbing for the proofer machine. We then delivered Dough Mixer 40 kg, Convection oven 12 trays. Other machines included bread proofer, bread slicer, baking tins and all accessories.

Benefits of a convection oven project in a school

1.The school cuts down cost of buying bread by 50%.This is because it produces own bread. Cost of producing 1 loaf is kes. 30.00 as opposed to buying one at kes. 60.00

2.The Early bird school used this commercial convection oven baking project to train the students. This is in line  with the new CBC curriculum.

3.The students could now enjoy a variety of other baked products such as buns, scones and rolls

4.The school produces surplus bread which is sold to other schools. This becomes an income generating project

End result of after setting up the commercial convection oven baking project in the school?

This bakery setup can do up to 1400 loaves daily in 10 hours. This allows the school to save on cost of buying bread. It also allows the school make more money by selling the loaves to other schools!