Baking with Rotary oven experience for a school in Kenya

“We want to experience baking with Rotary oven!” Those were his closing remarks. It all began with a visit by a school administrator to our offices. He was from Mumbe Junior Academy School based in Makindu.

Earlier on in the meeting we had calculated the total number of students in the school. The client had also a higher ambition! To  focus on selling more bread to the community in Makindu town. With a vibrant town as the main target, we settled on 2,000 loaves daily production in a 10 hour shift. This was to be executed using rotary oven of capacity 330 loaves per hour.

Bakery project execution plan for a school in Makindu

Our technical team arrived at the school at midday. The school management took us to the edge of the field. This was where the bakery was to be set up. It was an empty field with a few trees growing. “Are you sure this is going to a bakery?”, one of the school administrators exclaimed.

Our team got down to work. We measured the size of the bakery needed. We designed it on paper following FIFO and Bakery HACCP food standards. The client then put up the structure immediately in a godown like fashion. Our teams returned again for electrical wiring and plumbing issues. 90 days after the first meeting we delivered the 3 tonne heavy Rotary oven. Other machines were spiral mixer 100kgs, Bread slicer, proofer and all baking accessories. Our bakery training team swung to action and produced the first batch of loaves.

The 3 ton rotary oven

Training of the staff by Bakewave

Benefits of baking with rotary oven 

1.The schools was able to produce 2000 loaves in 10 hours. They were able to satisfy students and also the neighbouring Makindu town. This is because rotary ovens are big ovens and are ideal for producing  from 2000  to 10,000 loaves per day.

2.The enjoyed low cost of producing bread. This is because the oven consumed about 50 litres diesel to produce 2,000 loaves in 10 hours

3.They produced very high quality bread since. This was possible since oven was equipped with steaming technology.This steaming softens the crust and turns it into golden brown color.This bread is very attractive and therefore easy to sell.

The Bread produced at Mumbe Junior School

4.They were able to use the rotary oven project to train their students on baking. This is in line with the new CBC curriculum launched in Kenya.

See the video below on how the school’s bakery operates