Commercial Bakery Project Launch in Nairobi

A convoy of black government vehicles drove in fast. It was during the launch of this commercial bakery project in Nairobi. This was a launch like no other. Within minutes, the CS for education Ambassador Amina Mohammed trooped inside the bakery. She was followed by a camera crew and top education officials in Kenya.
A lot of planning had been done to culminate to this moment. It had all started 3 months ago when had sat down with the then-school principal Madam Joan Muoti. The goal was to save the school kes 11M they spend every year to buy bread alone! And yes we did that. One year after launching this project, the principal herself admitted that they now spend only kes 5M per year to run the bakery. Talk of a 6M saving per year.

The planning stage

We had arrived at a production capacity of 1000  loaves daily. This was directly to be consumed by the students and the staff. The oven had a capacity of 2000 loaves daily. The extra 1000 was sold to students, visitors, and neighboring schools. This is because the schools receive a lot of visitors including national examination markers. These teachers reside at the school during exam marking. For this reason, we recommended diesel powered rotary oven 330 loaves per hour. It means in one 8-hour shift they would produce 2640 loaves.

Benefits of installing a bakery in a school

1. They can now save 50% of the money they used to buy bread annually. The savings can be directed towards other projects in the school. This includes building new classrooms or supporting needy students. 2. The school can use the bakery project as a training facility for students. This is in line with the new CBC curriculum. This means by the time the students leave the school they are well trained. They understand commercial baking as a business. They can start and run their own bakeries as they pursue their education. 3. The students can now enjoy a variety of products. This includes morning buns, scones, rolls, special breads, cakes, cookies, and pies. SEE VIDEO BELOW