Food business ideas in Kenya

Something special happened during the launch of a bakery business in Kericho County. Hundreds of customers thronged the supermarket to grab freshly baked cakes,bread,special breads,cookies.Its was a time like no other.

At that moment it felt like this was the best food business ideas in Kenya. There was a new base in town offering a distinct taste and the people of Kericho County could not get enough of it!

Pakmart Bread

The planning stage

It has all started when the management team of Pakmart supermarket visited our headquarters in Nairobi a month earlier. They had indicated that they were baking bread only with a rotary oven they had procured ealier. But were loosing a lot on cakes,pastry,cookies,birthday cakes and special breads.

So we proposed for them the following solution:

1.Acquire convection oven 12 tray oven which has steam

2.Deploy Bakewave’s master baker. This masterbaker is specialized on special bread, cakes, birthday cake and cookies. He was to train the Pakmart supermarkets team on these new products. This include new tantalizing recipes and flavours.

The Results 

Pakmart supermarket was able to introduce a new cake and pastry department. This doubled their revenue in the bakery section. The new skills passed on to their teams from the Bakewave team went a long way. They are able to produce quality products for Kericho town.

Bakewave training on product production at Pakmart

An image of Swiss rolls from Pakmart Supermarket

Why we recommended convection oven for this client

1.Convection ovens consume very less power. Powered by electricity they consume an average of 4 units of power per hour. This means that cost of producing one loaf on power is less than kes 1.00.This is by far the most cost effective oven

2.Because of a supermarket is defined by variety. They needed an oven that can produce many products in a short time. That could only be possible with the convection oven. Because they had rotary oven that could focus on large scale production of bread, buns and rolls.

3.Convection oven is equipped with steam technology. This enables production of soft, golden brown brown pies and pastry products. They can also use it for bread, buns and scones that require steaming.

For anyone looking food business ideas in Kenya, the bakery business using a convection oven is such a powerful idea.