Dough Moulder

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  • The dough moulder allows for efficient and consistent shaping of dough, saving time and labor in a commercial kitchen.
  • It can handle a variety of dough types and can be adjusted to create different shapes, making it versatile for different types of baked goods.
  • The dough moulder is constructed with durable materials, such as stainless steel, to withstand the demands of a commercial kitchen and ensure longevity.
  • The machine is easy to operate and clean, requiring minimal maintenance and downtime.

What is a Bread Moulder machine

A dough moulder machine also known as bread moulder machine  is made up of a set of rollers that press dough into shape  and length maximum length of 650mm depending on how the adjusting levers have been positioned and set. Bakers can decide they want a long narrow shape like French bread or a short thick shape for tin bread or baguettes.

Dough Moulder Function

The purpose of the bread dough moulder machine is to roll the dough in shape and smoothen the dough edges. This allows for proofing to take place well and therefore gives the bread dough its perfect shape.

As a baker you need to be creative and you can use the machine to produce different types of bread shapes (of course with different recipes) as explained above by using different settings in the adjusting levers.

Benefits of having a bread moulder machine

1. If you have a large commercial bakery in Kenya and doing above 3,000 loaves a dough moulder comes in handy. This is because you can imagine the tedious work of rolling each dough with hands. This cuts down you labor cost and enhances consistent shape of your breads.

It is used together with hydraulic dough divider that cuts the dough into larger chunks of 120 – 2000 grammes each. A volumetric dough divider can also be used.

2. Large scale production of pizza – The dough moulder can produce consistent thickness of rolled dough that can be cut and prepared as a pizza base.

As a result, this not only saves time but also increases productivity and efficiency in the bakery. Additionally, the machine is also equipped with adjustable rollers that allow for precise thickness control, ensuring that each piece of dough is shaped and formed to perfection.

Moreover, the dough moulder machine has a set  two polyamide rollers making the total number to 4 rollers. It is also easy to operate and clean, requiring minimal maintenance and downtime. This makes it a reliable and low-maintenance addition to any commercial bakery or kitchen. We have equipped the rollers with nylon scrappers which are fixed to the frame to allow self cleaning.

One of the key advantages of the dough moulder is its ability to save time and labor. Traditional dough shaping methods can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, however, the dough moulder allows bakers to quickly and easily shape large quantities of dough in a fraction of the time. This allows proofing inside bread proofers.

Dough weight g/pcs 100 – 1000
Power kw 0.75
Voltage v 220 / 380
Frequency Hz 50/60
Size mm 580 x 340 x 1100

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