Dough Sheeter

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  1. The mini dough sheeter is designed to create perfect sheets of even dough.
  2. The roller is made of seamless steel pipe and has been processed, ground, and hard chrome plated by a computer-based lathe, ensuring good quality.
  3. The roller surface is resistant to scratches.
  4. It has a high quality, firm structure that is stable, and has a long lifespan.
  5. The dough is sheeted to the thinnest and spread evenly.

Dough sheeter machine for sale in Kenya

What is a dough sheeter?

Dough sheeter Machine is used by bakers use to spread,press, roll and flatten dough into various thickness which is then cut for different uses. These use can be puff pastries making such as pies,croissants,large scale production of Chapati and Mandazi. In these kind of products, a Dough Divider Rounder machine is required to cut and roll the dough into circular balls. These balls can then be loaded on the pastry sheeter. Other uses of this machine include spreading fondant before cutting it and covering hard iced cakes. 

Benefits of having a dough sheeter machine

1. Can roll puff pastry dough for croissants, meat pies, puff pastry, phyllo pastry,shortcrust pastry, flaky pastry, Hot water  crust pastry etc. This can be various thickness as from  0.01mm to 10mm.

2. Good news for large scale cake decorators. This  is because they can use dough sheeter to roll fondant which is very tedious of done with a rolling pin.This will allow them to produce a constant thickness of the fondant faster and in large quantities and they can decorate more cakes faster.


3. Roll dough for pizza on large scale. The pastry sheeter allows you set the thickness of pizza base from thin pizzas eg 3mm to thicker ones 6.30mm.The machine could roll dough of upto 10 pizzas at a go depending on its length and therefore making the process faster

4. Production of chapati on large scale. Assuming you have a demand for 1000 chapatis per day. You will need to employ at least 20 people just to do the rolling. But with the pastry sheeter machine you can set 1.5mm to 2.5mm as dough thickness and you can roll  then cut (with a round cutter)as much as 10 chapatis in 5 minutes with only  a team of 3 people!


The pastry sheeter is a must have for any commercial bakery producing pizzas, chapatis, mandazis and pies. This machine is used together with dough mixers, deck ovens, convection ovens and proofers.

Sizemm1980 x 780 x 550
Voltagev220 / 50-60Hz
Roller Rangemm1 – 35
Working Positionw/h (mm)1960/550
Folded sizemm560 x 990
Conveyor Belt Sizemm400 x 1600
Maximum Roll Weightkg4
Net Weightkg90


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