Rotary Oven Price in Kenya – 16 trays

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Original price was: /= 2,702,000.00.Current price is: /= 2,296,800.00.

  • It is made using high quality stainless steel on the exterior and interior sections of the
  • It has a double – layer tempered glass on the oven door with viewing
  • It also uses a diesel burner for the production of heat
  • It has a 1 year warranty
  • It is also CE certified.

Introducing the best Rotary oven in Kenya

Are you looking to bake commercially on a large scale and looking for a Rotary oven price in Kenya? Before we go further let’s define what is a rotary oven.

What is a rotary oven? Definition and description

A rotary oven is a large commercial baking oven weighing from 1500 kg to 3,000 kg depending on the size. It’s mainly powered by either electricity 100% or gas -95% with about 5% electricity, or diesel 95% with about 5% electricity. The diesel hybrid is more common and preferred for Kenya and Africa generally with gas preferred in Europe and Asia.

Rotary ovens consist of mainly two chambers: The combustion or burning chamber and the baking chamber. The combustion chamber is made of special heat resistive steel that can resist up to 1000 degrees centigrade. For diesel and gas hybrid rotary ovens, they are fitted with gas or diesel burner to that burns either fuel into a very long flame. This flame then undergoes rigorous filtration to remove the gas or diesel smell or particles. It is then converted to steam under high pressure through a system of pipes and tubes before being channeled to the baking chamber.


Inside the baking chamber, there’s a rotating platform that carries the baking trolley. So the oven bakes as it rotates. The oven has 3 extraction ducts on top. One extraction duct from the burning chamber will produce smoke in the case of diesel or gas rotary ovens. It’s supposed to be directed outside the building.

Rotary Oven Diagram
The Bakewave rotary oven ducting
Rotary ovens in a production line

The other duct extracts from the baking chamber and could also be directed outside the building. The third extraction duct is connected to the suction fan and its work is to such off the heat and the steam when bakers open the oven door to prevent burning their faces.

See video below


Before considering the Rotary oven price in Kenya you need to understand the advantages below of the Bakewave Rotary oven

1. Equal heat distribution This allows you to bake uniformly golden brown bread and bread-related products allowing you to stand out in the market.

2. Fitted with modern steaming technology that allow the production of soft golden bread and bread-related products.

3. Fitted with halogen lamps at the door allowing for excellent illumination.

4. The baking chamber, all outside hoods, and chimneys are fully made of stainless steel. This ensures longevity of the oven.

5. Burners located at the front or side of the oven allowing it to be fitted anywhere to allow easy maintenance of the burners.

6. It’s easier to maintain since Bakewave stocks all the necessary spare parts.

The Bakewave Rotary oven price  in Kenya (16 trays,240 loaves per hour )is kes 2,200,000.00+VAT.  The 16 tray oven bakes 2,400 loaves in 10 hours or 4,800 in 20 hours (2 shifts). If your production target is more than this you need to consider the  rotary oven 330 loaves per hour. This oven does 3,300 loaves in 10 hours or 6,600 loaves in 20 hours (2 shifts)

Number of trayspcs16
Tray sizecm40×60
Trolley Sizemm610 x 810 x 1650
Temp. range°C0°C – 400°C
Dimensionmm900 x 1290 x 1470
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