Rotary Ovens – 64 trays

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  • It is made using high quality stainless steel on the exterior and interior sections of the oven
  • It has a double – layer tempered glass on the oven door for ease of viewing
  • It also uses a diesel burner for the production of heat
  • It has a 1 year warranty
  • It is also CE certified.

Introducing Diesel Burner Rotary Oven 64 trays ,2 trolleys,660 loaves per hour production capacity.

Are you looking for the biggest diesel rotary ovens in Kenya Today? Bakewave has now introduced a double trolley bakery oven to cater for very large commercial baking. This is after getting a lot of success from our 16 tray rotary ovens series(120 loaves per hour) and 32 trays rotary oven series(330 loaves per hour)

When do you go for the 64 trays double trolley 660 loaves capacity oven?

This diesel burner rotary ovens or the double trolley bakery oven are well suited for production capacity of between 5,000 loaves to 10,000 loaves per day. This could also be packets of buns, scones, rolls, cakes, queen cakes etc. This level of production might as well require bakery automation equipment.

By packets we mean 6 pack for products like buns, rolls, scones, and queen cakes .This could be equated to a loaf in the production process. Other customers will do both breads and buns at the same time. In that case a combination could be 5,000 packets of bread and 5,000 packets of buns, scones and rolls.

Benefits of using the Double Trolley Rotary ovens

  1. Allows you to reach your  large production volume with ease. In  1o hours alone you will have done 6,600 loaves. Remember these are heavy duty industrial ovens and can work over 20 hours nonstop

2. Saves on fuel. The diesel burner of this oven will consume maximum 5 litres of diesel  per hour.

3. Equipped with steaming technology to produce soft golden brown bread.

Diesel burner for rotary ovens;

We use Riello Brand that is easy to maintain and service. Also we have stocked all the necessary spare parts ensuring we respond in the shortest time possible to any issues related to the diesel burner. We recommend servicing of the burner every 3 months by our well abled technical team.

Response to high energy cost in Kenya

Bakewave has now introduced rotary ovens that can use 100% electricity (78KW -100 KW depending on oven size) at the same time you can switch to diesel hybrid (with 3KW power consumption ) Why is this important? This is because with this oven you can switch it to 100% electric consumption during cheap KPLC tarrif hours during the day. This a new innovation that will change the commercial baking businesses in Kenya

Number of trayspcs32
Tray sizecm40×60
Temp. range°C20°C – 300°C
Dimensionmm900 x 1290 x 1470
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