Bread Baking Factory Setup in Kenya

Miharati, Nyandarua County Bread Factory Setup

“How can we achieve a bread baking factory setup”, asked the client

It had all started when the sales manager for Bakewave in Kisumu had invited us for a sales trip. He had indicated there was a customer in Ahero planning to set up a bakery project in Nyandarua. The client was running a motorcycle spare parts business and was planning to shift to baking.

Because of the client’s background, we had to offer all the support necessary. From solid advice on oven choice to bakery design. Also installation, staff recruitment, and commissioning the project.We also advised on marketing and sales

The bakery equipment recommended

The client’s target was to produce 50,000 loaves and about 30,000 packets of bun, scones, and rolls. This is a serious production target. We recommended 3 pcs of the 480 loaves per hour rotary oven setup. Also, 2pcs spiral mixer each 120kgs each, and 2 automatic slicers. We also added an Automatic dough processing unit. It included a volumetric divider, a Conical rounder, and a Dough molder. Combined these two had a capacity of processing 2,000 loaves per hour

The planning stage

One week later and at the crack of dawn our team traveled to Nyandarua County. We arrived in Miharati center at the foothills of the Aberdare ranges. It was very chilly, to say the least.

We found that the client had already put up a 10,000 sq feet godown complex. We did the layout of the factory in accordance with  Bakery HACCP. Our technical team also mapped out all electrical wiring points. Plumbing for the proofer and oven steam was also done.

Final Result

We achieved 20,000 loaves production capacity in the first month. By the end of the third month, we had reached 50,000 loaves and 30,000 packets of buns and rolls. We added one more rotary oven, mixer, and slicer.

We had definitely achieved one of the fastest-growing bread baking factory setup in Kenya today!