2 different bakery set-up models, the same customer

“We need to consider both hot bread shops with the factory” Those were my closing remarks after a lengthy telephone conversation with the client who identified himself as David.

It all began with a phone call at midday by the management of Nandimatt supermarket. This was based in Nandi Hills Town. He explained to me that they have a very busy supermarket at the heart of Nandi Town.

At the same time, they had a wholesale business selling household items. They had a well-established network of shops they supplied in the entire region.

The bakery set up the advice given

We came up with 2 different bakery setups in 2 different places

1. One was to be a convection oven set up in the supermarket. This would produce hot bread, a special bread, buns, rolls, scone, and cakes. This would cater to the customers in the supermarket. It was a complete setup with its spiral mixer, bread slicer, and cake mixer. Also included was a cake display, cooling rack, and accessories

2. The diesel-powered rotary oven was to be based on different premises. This was 330 loaves capacity per hour and was to produce 4,000 loaves per day. It included a 100kg spiral mixer, commercial double-proofer, and commercial slicer.

The outcome

This turned out to be one of the most successful projects that Bakewave has ever undertaken. The supermarket production reached a peak in 1 month’s time. Over 1000 loaves were sold over the counter. Also buns, scones, cakes at least 1000 packets.

For the bread factory setup,4,000 loaves production capacity was reached within one week. The client had already an established distribution channel. Each of the trucks leaving loaded at least 20 crates . They sold all loaves effortlessly

Why had we advised  electric commercial convection oven in the supermarket;

Because it is faster. It can therefore produce a variety of products at very low cost. It is equipped with steam to produce soft golden brown bread and buns

Why did we recommend diesel powered rotary oven for the wholesale section?

Continuous nonstop production of bread only on a large scale. This requires a heavy-duty rotary oven. This is because it produces a large volume per batch. Also  cost efficient with diesel when used nonstop without changing temperatures from time to time.