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Commercial Baking Oven Prices in Kenya; LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION

How to identify a high-quality commercial baking oven.

Introduction to baking oven prices in Kenya

Are you a baker in Kenya and you’re looking to start a cake or bread bakery business? The first thought is, which commercial bakery equipment do I need to achieve my goal? Therefore what are the current commercial baking oven prices in Kenya?

You are going to be faced with a number of options, these include;

  1. Electric Deck Ovens
  2. Gas Deck Ovens
  3. Electric Convection Ovens
  4. Gas Convection Ovens
  5. Diesel Powered Rotary Ovens (electric hybrid)
  6. 100% Electric Rotary Ovens
  7. Gas powered Rotary Ovens (electric hybrid)
  8. Now introducing 100% Electric Rotary Oven with an option to switch to diesel.

The obvious and must-have is a commercial baking oven, among the list of equipment you will come up with. The next step is probably to go online. Without a doubt, you would search for the shop selling the least possible price for the oven.

But do you consider the quality or the manufacturing specifications like the amount of insulation, warranty, energy efficiency etc.?

Purpose of this blog

  1. If you’re planning to start a bakery business in Kenya this blog will help you understand the different types of ovens. Additionally, it explains their preferred energy sources respectively.
  2. If you have an existing bakery this blog will assist you in upgrading to better energy-efficient bakery ovens.

This blog reviews different quality commercial bakery ovens. Additionally will advise you on the latest innovations and efficiency in bakery ovens available in Kenya. Most important also is their different production capacities and prices.

Bakewave Sales Desk

Sitting at the sales deck of Bakewave Limited I’m amazed at how most buyers will only talk about price . This happens almost during the entire conversation unless I bring up the topic of quality and energy efficiency.

Truth be told, manufacturers of the equipment all over the world have different standards of manufacturing based on:

i. Regulation by their own countries.
ii. The target client (country)and their regulations.

Porlanmaz Bakery Machinery-Turkey

Bakewave Limited has worked for the last 10 years with one of the top bakery equipment exporters around the world. We had an opportunity to visit the Porlanmaz factory several times and would say the standards are top-notch. For this reason they sell all over the world including the USA, India, and Europe (at least 100 countries).

To cut the long story short below is a preview of the standards followed by Porlanmaz;

The Porlanmaz Manufacturing Standards
Porlanmaz Engineering Section
In photo; Mr. Barongo (Managing Director) to the right, Mr. Muammer Demirci (Director, Porlanmaz Group),and to the far left Simon (Sales Director)

The Porlanmaz factory for instance has invested in the latest robotic laser cut technology from Japan. Their technical team has engineers from Germany. Additionally they  have outsourced a stand-alone , pure precision factory .This facility sits on almost 2 acre of precision equipment producing small parts including the smallest of nuts and bolts. Talk of very advanced machines for making other machines!

Bakewave machinery Brand-subcontracted from Very High-quality Chinese manufacturer

Why did I bring this story up?

It is because Bakewave moved to a high quality but affordable oven segment last year after covid-19 pandemic. Among the reasons for this is Turkey underwent over 85% inflation in 2020 until now and it has been so every year. This made prices of imports (baking equipment included) go up and became out of reach for most African countries.

We had to vet over  30 baking equipment manufacturers factories from Guangzhou China, Hongkong and Shanghai. Having dealt with high-quality baking equipment all through, we were determined to match or even surpass Porlanmaz's quality. AND YES WE GOT IT RIGHT!

Consequently, we can now continue offering high-quality, low-consumption, and low-maintenance baking equipment of all sizes. We are still also working with Porlanmaz but customers must order by paying a downpayment. For Porlanmaz equipment we can also do exfactory prices for large bakery projects. These two strategies have allowed us to be able to offer the best prices for quality commercial baking ovens in Kenya

Some of the certifications earned by our manufacturer in Guangzhou, due to attaining high manufacturing standards.
Our manufacturer in China has been ranked the top export agent.

In this article, we are focusing on the 2 deck 4 tray oven. See below the features of the new Bakewave 2 deck 4 tray oven;

i. Machine size L x W x H (1220mm x 820mm x 1310mm)
ii. Chambers size L x W x H (860mm x 640mm x 215mm)
iii. Three-phased or Single phased option 13.2kw.
iv. High-quality stainless-steel interior + extensions.
v. Heat insulated + ergonomic door handles.

The Two deck oven ergonomic handle - an insulated handle lowers energy loss & therefore consumption of power.

vi.  Efficient + stable heating pipes, durable to last for a long time.
vii. 4 pieces free trays each (600mm x 400mm)
viii. 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.
ix.  Weight – 120 kg.
x.   Bakewave stocks all parts example thermocouple and temperature monitor.

The Thermocouple
Baking oven temperature control
The Temperature Control

xi. It is fairly easy to operate.
xii. Each section of the deck oven is equipped with bulb inside and glass window on the door for viewing what is baking inside.
xiii. Each deck is equipped with a timer.

Wow! There are so many features that Bakewave has put together for you bakers but let me discuss just a few important ones that touch directly on power consumption. 

Heavy insulated deck oven (weighing 120kg)

Why a two-deck oven is this heavy? It is because of the amount of stone wool used for insulation that works to trap heat lost to the surroundings and hence preventing more heat consumption. This ensures also the working environment is conducive and prevents overheating which has adverse effects on a baker’s health.

Deck oven with front heat resistive glass, timer and bulb

These features allow you to check the progress of the baking products without opening the door. Do you know that you can lose up to 20-50% heat depending on how long and often your door is open during baking? This means that your power consumption increases by 20 – 50%.

Ergonomic handle for Commercial Deck baking oven prices in Kenya

What most bakers do not know is that an insulated handle:
i. Loses less heat to the surroundings and therefore to the environment
ii. Cannot burn your hands (avoids serious injuries)

Honestly bakers, all these features in an oven! Certainly, this cannot be the cheapest oven in the market . However, in one year you will save between KSH 50,000 – 100,000 using such energy efficient single deck oven as opposed to light one.

In a place like China, for the single deck oven, there are probably more than 10 classes of quality. This is why we as Bakewave are getting you the best. So please bakers before you rush to make decisions based on price please check the standards . In particular energy-saving features of the oven before making a decision because what is cheap now could end up costing you more in your baking journey.


In response to high costs of all energy sources(gas, fuel, electric ovens) used by commercial bakers in Kenya, Bakewave has introduced customized commercial convection ovens

There are 3 types of commercial baking ovens in Kenya

1. Commercial Deck baking oven prices in Kenya

The deck ovens have 2 options for powering them.

  • Option 1; 100% electric-powered
  • Option 2; Hybrid model -95% gas(energy used for baking) and about 5% electric for the temperature control panel and timer operations

For deck ovens in Kenya, the preferred option is electric-powered especially if you get a well-insulated type like the Bakewave model described above

The gas option has recently been abandoned due to increased gas prices

2.Commercial Convection Baking Ovens Prices in Kenya

The convection ovens are usually powered by 2 options.

  • Option 1-100% electric powered
  • Option 2- Hybrid model -95% gas(energy used for baking) and about 5% electric for the temperature control panel and timer operations

Again in Kenya today electric option for convection ovens is the preferred option since it is cheaper on power consumption since gas prices went up

These commercial convection ovens in Kenya are electric and customized with tray sizes of 50cm by 70cm for the 5-tray, 6-tray, 10-tray, and 12-tray options available. They produce 60, 80, 140, and 200 loaves per hour respectively with the cost per loaf kes 0.80 per loaf (on power cost) making them the least consuming of all the three types of commercial ovens.

Deck ovens are ideal for startup bakeries since the investment for the entire equipment is not much.

For mid-level baking of about 1000-2000 loaves or packets per day, the ideal oven is a convection oven. This is because it consumes less and gives very high-quality products. 

However, if your production capacity is above 2000 loaves what option is best for you?

You can either decide to buy 2 convection ovens or more. The other option is to consider the diesel-powered rotary ovens


They are mainly diesel-powered and ideal for the production capacity of above 2,000 loaves or packets per day per shift.

An 100% electric option is available but does not have good efficiency since Kw for such electric ovens is very high (68-85) Kw depending on oven capacity. They can consume a lot of electric power

If you are targeting about 3000-5000 loaves per day production the rotary oven 330 loaves would be the ideal machine. The cost per loaf(on diesel power) is about kes 1 to 1.50 depending on oven capacity and efficiency.

We have three capacities as illustrated below:

The Bakewave Rotary Ovens

To improve fuel efficiency for the rotary ovens, we are using the Danfoss diesel burner from Denmark or Riello diesel burner from Italy. (see image below)

The Bakewave Rotary Oven Burner

See the entire video of our 32-tray rotary oven below:

Bakewave has packaged a complete set of bakery equipment and accessories that will help you start your own bakery business.

We hope this article helps you understand the different commercial baking oven prices in Kenya.

If you are looking to start a bakery, feel free to ask any questions below. Do you have an existing bakery business in Kenya already? What is your experience with the oven?

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