Bread Proofer for sale in Kenya (32 tray)

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Introducing Bread Proofer for sale in Kenya

Are you looking for a bread proofer for sale in Kenya? Most people refer bread proofer also as bread proover. What are the benefits of having a bread proofer in commercial production?

What are the benefits of using a bread proofer?

1. Improves the quality of your bread or bread related products such as buns, scones and rolls. This is because a well proofed bread is fluffy and fine texture. A well proofed bun is well rounded, turgid and appealing.

2. Makes baking process faster since proofing stage is faster. This ensures that you meet your daily production target as a baker.

However, what most bakers fail to understand is the proofing part has a lot of science involved since we are dealing with yeast which is a living organism. When you don’t follow the science you will definitely have challenges like too much time taken to proof or even not proofing at all.

Why is my bread not rising after proof?

Its because you are not following the science behind baking and proofing process!

1.Maybe you forgot to add yeast to your dough. Without yeast there will be no proofing since its the organism producing the gas that makes the bread rise

2.You forgot to add sugar to your dough. For yeast to work and grow rapidly it must feed on sugar3.

3.Your proofer has wrong temperatures. The optimal working temperatures for yeast is 36 degrees centigrade. Lower than this will inhibit or slow down growth of yeast. Higher than this will kill yeast cells and slow down proofing process.

4.Your proofer machine has no right amount of humidity or moisture. Yeast needs about 70% humidity to grow rapidly ,produce gas rapidly that causes your dough to rise.

What bread proofer is best?

The Bakewave proofer machine is best because:

1.Made of stainless steel and therefore cannot rust since it works in a highly humid environment

2.Has an inbuilt thermometer and control panel where you set your optimal temperature of 36 degrees centigrade. This thermometer is connected to a thermostat such that the proofer automatically regulates its own temperature and remains around 36 degrees throughout the baking process.

3.It has an inbuilt humidity sensor and a knob to set the humidity. Again this humidity sensor is connected to a thermostat and automatically regulates itself during the entire proofing process

4.The Bakewave bread proofer consume less energy since proofer body is highly insulated

How to use a bread  proofer

You must add the recommended amount of yeast into your dough during the mixing process and then set your bread proofer machine to 36°C, humidity 70%. Ensure you don’t exceed this temperature because yeast cells start dying at 40°C, this will slow down your proofing. Also ensure there is adequate water in the proofer to provide the steam. Check the video below for more details.

After your product has proofed properly, preheat your deck oven, convection oven or rotary oven to the recommended baking temperature. Now you can load your product


The standard double bakewave 32 tray proofer is 1600mm long, 680mm wide and 1870mm high with a door length of 43cm. This has a proofing capacity of 80 loaves of 400gms at a go. However, Bakewave has introduced a bigger 32 tray proofer to be used with bigger ovens like convection oven 10 tray and 12 tray. This proofer is 1200mm long, 680mm wide and 1870mm high and can proof 160 loaves of 400gms at ago.

If you’re proofing requirements are less than 80 loaves of 400gms at a go consider our 16 tray proofer machine

Dimensionmm1600 x 680 x 1870
Voltagev50Hz – 220V

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