Proofer Machine (16 tray)

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Introducing Proofer Machine 16 Tray in Kenya

What is a bread proofer?

Bread Proofer Machine is a chamber that is designed to give yeast the right conditions to grow rapidly and produce the gas that makes the bread rice. These conditions are humidity of about 70% and temperature of 36 degrees centigrade. Learn more details about  proofer conditions here.

How long do you proof bread?

Depending on your room temperature,30 -40 minutes is the ideal time. However, you must provide accurate conditions for yeast including the temperature of about 36 degrees centigrade and humidity 70% for this to happen. So it means your proofer must be fitted with an automatic humidity sensor and regulator and also a thermometer with its functional thermostat that will ensure temperatures remain around 36 degrees centigrade.

In my various visits to many bakeries in Kenya i have been surprised to see even big bakeries have proofer for bread that do not have these conditions. This is shocking since baking itself is science as we are dealing with a microorganism by the name of yeast. If the proofer overheats and exceeds 36 degrees centigrade yeast starts dying and this will slow down proofing process. Did you know a slow proofing process in commercial baking could cut down your production volume  per day by even 50%

Can I make bread commercially without a proofer?

No. Because this will significantly slow down your baking process and could cut your daily production volume by over 75%! This is because the proofing process is elongated to over 1 hour instead of 30 – 40 minutes. This means probably you have to switch off your oven and switch it on again when you’re ready to bake.

The effect of switching off the oven will significantly increase your power consumption. The reason is ovens consume alot of energy all the time when we start to pre heat. Normally proofing should be done without covering the loaf for observation purposes, but upon achieving almost 3/4 height of the tin, you can cover the loaf with a lid to prepare for baking.

This is necessary if you want to produce closed top loaves with a square shape. If you’re producing open top loaves there’s no need to cover the loaf. For other special breads and buns baked on the trays, no covering is required.

How do you know if bread is proofed?

When the bread has raised to almost filling up the baking tin. Its turgid. The bakers have to regularly open the proofer and check the height of the proofing loaf.

After baking it has normal bread size and inside is fluffy. Bakewave will help you achieve this.

Benefits of using the Bakewave Bread Proofer for commercial production

1.Gives you a very high quality, fluffy and normal size of bread and bread related products such as buns, scones and rolls.

2.Bread proofer machine will allow you bake faster since proofing process is faster and therefore producing maximum volumes of bread per day.

3.Easy to regulate the humidity and temperature. The Bakewave bread profer is fitted with automatic humidity sensor that prevents excess humidity that could damage the bread crust. Also it has an automatic temperature thermostat that prevents excess temperatures that can kill yeast. Killing yeast slows down the proofing process.

4.Made of 100% stainless steel. Why avoids rust since the machine works in high humidity environment

5.Body of the proofer is highly insulated. This prevents heat loss and cuts down power consumption.

6.Bakewave provides back up support and spare parts.1 year warranty.


The standard bakewave proofer 16 tray is 500mm long, 680mm wide and 1870mm high and holds 40 (400gms) bread baking tins. This is ideal for single deck and 2 deck ovens. However, for 3 deck oven Bakewave has just introduced a bigger single chamber proofer which is 590mm long, 680mm wide and 1870mm high. This is very important in supermarkets and small bakeries where space is a problem. Such bakeries don’t need to buy the 32 tray double proofer which takes bigger space.

We are offering the 32 tray proofer for 80 – 160 loaves (400gms) proofing capacity at a go.

Dimensionmm500 x 680 x 1870
Voltagev50Hz – 220V





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