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  • It is made using high-quality steel
  • It can handle all kinds of bread
  • It has durable, sharp slicing blades
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is CE certified
  • It has a 1-year warranty against manufacturers defects

Commercial Bread Slicer in Kenya

Are you looking for a bread slicer in Kenya but wondering if sufficient enough to handle your commercial bread-slicing requirements? This is because bread production volume will determine the size of slicer or number of slicers that a bakery will have. If your bakery is producing below 1,000 loaves, 1 table top slicer is sufficient. However, if above 1,000 loaves, you might invest in a conveyer belt slicer. See more details below

What are the two types of commercial electric bread slicers. This is defined by the number of loaves that you need to slice.

1. Tabletop Electric Bread slicer

Ideal for slicing 1,000 loaves. Can slice different lengths of bread with maximum bread length as 36cm and slice thickness of 12mm. However, if you need thinner slices(eg. 10mm,11mm) or thicker slices eg.(13mm,14mm,15mm), we can customize on order. Thicker slices are usually ideal for secondary schools in Kenya.

This slicer is usually placed on a table and can be operated by two people. 1 person will load the bread on the hopper while the other will collect sliced bread and pack it. This team of two people can slice and pack up to 400 loaves in 1 hour.

How to use a bread slicer

When using the machine necessary precautions must be taken. This is because the back of the slicer has naked exposed powerful vibrating knives. Therefore putting your hand at the back of the slicer can be very dangerous as it can cut off a whole finger. Check the video below to understand how to slice bread while taking all the necessary precautions.

The current bread slicer price in Kenya is 115,000ksh + VAT

2. Automatic Commercial bread slicer with CONVEYOR Belt

Used in large scale industrial bread slicing purposes by large factories from 4,000 to 20,000 loaves per day per slicer. It has a lower conveyer belt and an upper conveyer belt. The work of the upper conveyer belt is to push the loaf through the blades whereas the lower belt pulls the bread from the slicer blades onto the packing area. This efficiency allow for a slicing capacity of up to 1,000 loaves per hour. If you’re producing more than 20,000 loaves you can install several such bread slicers.


What is the use of bread slicer in a bakery?

1.  To slice bread. Bread slicing machines produce constant thickness of slices example 12mm. This makes it convenient for bread consumers to utilize bread effectively or divide it among bread consumers

2. It can slice different lengths of loaves as long as 36cm long.

3. Faster-takes approximately 5 seconds to slice one loaf ,therefore ideal for commercial bread baking purposes.

4. Allows bakers collect bread crumbs which can be repackaged and sold to hotels for soup thickening purposes.

How long should bread cool before slicing?

4 hours is enough to allow bread to be firm enough to be able to sustain the vibrations in the bread slicer. This is because bread structure is usually weak before cooling and the blades tend to crush the bread instead of slicing it. Slicing hot bread has another negative effect on the slicing machine. This is because it makes the slicing knives blunt.

Blunt knives lead to straining during slicing process and therefore damage the loaf. This means the bakery has to change their blades/knives regularly which is very expensive.

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Dimensionmm515 x 625 x 585
Blade quantityr/m74/141/277
Bread max lengthmm380

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