Cake Mixer Machine 20L

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  • It is equipped with a high quality stainless steel dough bowl.
  • It can handle all kinds of light dough products.
  • It has three separate mixing attachments
  • It has a high efficient speed change system.
  • It is CE certified.
  • It has a 1 year warranty

Introducing the Cake Mixer Machine 20L in Kenya!

Are you starting a bakery business in Kenya? Is the cake mixer machine among your list of baking equipment to purchase? Without doing much research you might end up making your purchase decision based on cake mixer price. What factors should you consider before buying a cake mixer machine?

Cake mixer machine crisis due to influx of cheap cake mixers

  1. Are cheap cake mixer machines worth it?

Cheaper cake mixer manufacturers use lower quality materials to cut down the cost of production. This includes the 11 gear system contained in a cake mixer. To cut down costs, manufacturers use;

  1. Cast iron ring gear.
  2. 1 Brass main gear.
  3. 9 cast iron gears.

However, this has a very big cost implication on maintenance of such machine. This is because these kind of gears wear out easily and require regular replacement. The cost of replacing 1 gear is kes 15,000. Bakewave has estimated that this will end up costing bakers kes 400,000 in a span of 5 years.

2.Bowl fastening locks and latches

Bakewave has ensured a strong metallic structure  for the mixer to ensure it is stable and  does not breakdown all the time. This is after analyzing the challenges customers were facing with the cake mixer machine in Kenya. One of the major issue is breakdown of the two bowl fastening metallic locks or latches. This is such a big challenge since when these two small fasteners break ,the mixer cannot be used. It is because without locking the bowl in its place during mixing it will just be thrown away ay high speed and pour all contents and could even cause injury.

Such customers have no other option other than throw away this mixer and buy a new one yet it is new. Why? It because they cannot find a welder who can weld stainless steel in their area. I doubt we have this technology even in whole of Kenya. This are indeed shocking details and has led to poor performance and lack of growth for many bakeries. Did you know if you weld locally without a stainless steel welding system it will only last for a week? Can you imagine taking the mixer for welding every week? How much production time is wasted? How much cost is incurred?

Bakewave solution to mixer crisis due to cheap mixers in the market

The Bakewave cake mixer machine has the following quality of gears;

  1.  1 Stainless steel ring gears
  2.  1 Bronze main gears
  3. 9 stainless steel gears

For more details check the video below

2.  Bakewave cake mixer has a strong metallic bowl fastening latch to save bakers from all the above headache.

Equipped with a robust motor, the Cake Mixer machine 20l can handle even the thickest and heaviest mixtures. Additionally, its user-friendly control panel allows you to adjust the speed and mixing time to achieve the perfect consistency for your recipes.


The 20L Cake mixer, takes about 6kgs of dry flour, when you add eggs, water, etc., you end up with 20L of cake dough at a go. This is ideal for a startup to mid-level baking setup. This usually takes about 30 minutes. 

However, if your mixing requirements are less than this, you can consider our cake mixer 10L

Dimensionmm520 x 420 x 760

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