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  • It is equipped with a high quality stainless steel dough bowl.
  • It can handle all kinds of light dough products.
  • It has three separate mixing attachments
  • It has a high efficient speed change system.
  • It is CE certified.
  • It has a 1 year warranty

Introducing the planetary mixer 30l-the ultimate solution for mid level cake bakers in Kenya!

Are you looking for cake mixer price in Kenya? Do you consider other things like stability, durability and warranty? What other factors do you need to consider before concluding on cake mixer prices in Kenya? Do you know majority of bakers will rush to conclude their purchase decision based on price only which costs them dearly in the long term?

This is because to run a successful cake shop you need a high quality cake mixer, cake display and deck ovens. If you compromise the quality of any of these 3 equipment, your energy and maintenance costs will go high.

What am I driving at? Bakewave has recently done its own research and visited several clients in their premises. What we found it  is that most bakers who go for the cheapest brands of cake mixer later experience too much costs of maintenance. This is as a result of several issues associated with the structure of the machine.

Cake Mixer Machine Crisis in Kenya

  1. Ring Gears and Main Gears.

A cake mixer has 11 gears;
1. 1 Big ring gear located inside the ring that houses the protective cover. Its work is to rotate the mixing arm.

2. The bronze gear. This is the main gear that is rotated by the motor which in turn rotates 9 other stainless steel gears.

3. Stainless steel gear. They are 9 in number and they are rotated by the main gear (bronze gear). Their function is to facilitate change of speed from speed 1, 2 and 3 for the mixer. Whereas Bakewave uses stainless steel ring gear, 1 bronze gear and 9 stainless steel gears, cheaper mixers use cast iron ring gears, 1 brass gear with 9 cast iron gears.

This set of cast iron and brass grinds up very fast sometimes within 6 months to 1 year and your machine stops, whereas Bakewave gears can last for more than 5 years without replacement. Cheap mixer could end up costing you more than kes 400,000 in repair costs in 5 years. Check the video below

2. Fastening latches

We have realized that most cheap cake mixers manufacturers have replaced bowl fastening latches with very weak metal. This is such a big problem since we know that you cannot mix at all without fastening the bowl tightly.

Consequently, if the latches break during the mixing process the bowl and its contents will be thrown out at high speed. This could cause serious bodily harm. It will also lead to a loss of a whole mix. However this is not actually the problem. The issue is the whole mixer including the bowl fastening latches are made of stainless steel. Therefore the bakers cannot weld these latches back since its very difficult to weld stainless steel. We require special technology which I don’t think we have in Kenya. Can stainless steel be welded in the first place? The result of these bakeries is either buying a new mixer or shutting down! This is very sad indeed.

Bakewave solution to Cake Mixer crisis

That’s why Bakewave has introduced a more robust body-structured cake mixer 30. This will withstand the high pressure due to industrial baking. It has one year warranty with an all-metallic structure.

The Bakewave 10l cake mixer price in Kenya is kes 85,000 + vat, the 20L cake mixer price is kes 125,000ksh + vat and the 30L cake mixer price is kes 180,000 + vat . Contact us to find the percentage discount in this season! It comes with 3 attachments mainly the whisk, beater and the hook.

What factors do you consider when analyzing cake mixer prices in Kenya?  Do you know that Bakewave has also introduced efficient and low maintainance cost dough mixers?

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