Cake Display Counter ; 5 reasons why you need one in Kenya

If you ran a retail cake bakery business in Kenya you might consider the following 5 reasons that will make you add the BAKEWAVE cake display counter to your list of commercial baking equipment that you need.

1. Maintaining freshness, flavor and texture of cakes.

The Bakewave horizontal cake chiller allows you to set from 2 degrees to 8 degree temperatures that enable your cakes to remain fresh. This is especially if your bakery is located in areas with very high temperatures like Mombasa or Kisumu.

2. Provides large storage as you sell.

Bakewave horizontal display counter comes in various length with 1.2m,1.5m and 1.8m are the most popular each is 650m wide. Each has 3 tiers. Also the top is flat allowing you to display even more products that do not require refrigeration.

The advantage of this large space is to allow you to store excess of your baked products but at the same time on the eyes of the buyer allowing you to sell from the store.

cake display image
The Bakewave Cake Display

3. Well-lit attractive products

The front side and top are made of thick glass. This allows the customer to visualize your products irrespective of their position in your shop. Furthermore, the display counter is well lit with LED lights allowing your products to be visible in all its glamour and color.

This can affect the emotions of your customer which pushes them to decide to purchase instantly. In fact based on our previous upgrades to clients who did not have modern display chillers in their cake shops, they got more than 50% more business by just installing the modern cake chiller.

4. Energy efficient.

This is because it’s equipped with LED wires for lighting that consume less power and lasts for very many years. In fact, its total power rating is 0.65kw which includes the condenser + compressor + 2 fans of cooling + 1 fan for cooling the condenser.

5. Very high quality, latest technology and affordable

I. Square shape

It’s the latest and most preferred since its more internal space to store more products.

II. Very thick glass

Unlike before when chillers used to have very thin glass, with the Bakewave cake display counter you don’t need to worry much when your customer leans on it. This is because the glass is more than 10mm and unbreakable.

cake display glass thickness
The thickness of the Bakewave Cake Display Counter

III. Advanced cooling features

Apart from the compressor and the condenser, it has 2 additional fans that assist in more cooling and a third fan that cools the condenser.

cake display condenser and compressor
The Internal workings for the Bakewave Cake Display
cake display fans
The Internal Fans for the Bakewave Cake Display

So the Bakewave cake chiller combines both fan cooling and the compressor + condenser cooling.

IV. Complete stainless steel interior

This makes it easy to clean thus making it durable.


To run a successful cake shop you need three high quality equipment. These include the cake display counter that we've just discussed. The others include cake mixer and a deck oven. Check cake mixer prices here.

Leave your comments below to know the latest offers on the Bakewave horizontal cake displays.

Q: What is the temperature for a cake display counter?

A: The temperature range of a cake display counter is either 2 - 8°C degrees or 4 -10°C.

Q: What temperature is best for cake chiller?

A: The best temperature for the cake chiller is 4°C

Q: How do you keep a cake moist on a display?

A: 1. Using white light on display.
2. Keeping the display counter airtight.

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