Cake Display Counter for sale in Kenya

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Length: 1.5 metres (Color: White)

Are you looking for a cake display counter for sale in Kenya made of thick 10mm unbreakable glass to display your cakes after you’re done with baking?

The Bakewave cake display unit maintains freshness, texture and well-lit baked products. This is achieved by its ability to regulate temperatures from 2 degrees to 8 degrees.

The new Bakewave cake display showcase is equipped with very high-quality compressors and condensers that ensure the proper working of your cake display freezer with very low maintenance requirements. Check cake display counter repair tips here.

We have two 2-size options in 1.2M long and 1.5M long in stock. However, we can provide 1,8M and 2.0M Long on order. Also we can produce customize L-shaped or curved to meet your size of space in case customized cake shops.

See what’s inside the Bakewave Cake display counter below

Benefits of a cake display fridge

  • Retains your cakes fresh due to lower temperatures. The  cake display works between 2-8 degrees allowing  you to provide high quality cake products to your customers .
  • Acts as an ideal storage space for your  decorated functional cakes and cake slices as you sell simultaneously.
  • Because of White LED lighting, it illuminates your product making it visually appealing.
  • The Bakewave Cake Display counter for sale in Kenya has 10mm thick glass making it unbreakable unlike previous models sold before.
  • Due to improved LED lighting technology the cake display box consumes very less power. This   therefore makes it very ideal for use over longer periods.
  • The cake display chiller improves the overall design of your bakery especially for modern cake shops. This makes the shop very attractive and therefore likely to increase the customers flowing in.

See below the technical specifications for the high quality Bakewave cake display counter for sale in Kenya.

Dimensionsmm1200/1500 x 680 x 1200
Temperature°C4 – 8
Input PowerW350,450
Cooling wayFan Cooling

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