Stainless Steel Table for bakeries and commercial kitchens

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Length: 1.2 and 1.5 metres

Introducing stainless steel tables for bakery in Kenya

Bakewave has introduced strong, durable stainless steel tables in Kenya for use in the bakery industry. These tables using stainless steel type 201

Why Bakewave is using stainless steel type 210 for bakery tables?

1.It is composed chromium 16-18%,nickel 3.5-5.5%,higher amounts of manganese and nitrogen-5.5% to 7.5%

2.Resistant to corrosion. In  a baking environment its very important to have proper equipment that does not rust on exposure to water. We use a lot of water in the bakery and therefore its important all equipment used do not rust.

3.Due to high percentage of manganese, stainless steel type 201 is strongest type of stainless steel banding.

Benefits of using  stainless steel tables in a bakery in Kenya

1. Does not rust. Rust can be such a big food poisoning issue in any bakery. Thats why to prevent any chances of this occurring these tables are your ultimate solution

2. Very easy to clean. This is because dirt and bacteria do not cling on the surface of the tables. A clean soft cloth is ideal with soap or anti grease detergent. After this you can rinse with clean water and dry with soft cloth. Avoid using scrappers,spoons or forks  to remove stuck dough as this can cause scratches on the stainless steel surface

3. Very little maintenance is required. Cleaning with soft cloth with detergent then rinsing with clean water and clean cloth is enough

4. Very long lasting since does not rust. Rusting causes  eating away of surfaces and renders the equipment unusable

5. Very heavy duty and can withstand heavy duty bread molding and de-panning operations. This is because a lot of pressure is applied on the table when bakers hit the dough strongly on the table. This is part of the molding process to remove air from the dough. Also de-panning involves hitting the tin on table and therefore requires a very strong surface

6.Does not provide an environment for bacteria growth as opposed to wooden tables.

Other stainless steel accessories include commercial stainless steel sink and commercial cooling rack.

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