Best Cake Tins in Kenya

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Introducing best quality cake tins in Kenya

In my experience with customers setting up a cake bakery, cake tins or cake pans and  queen cake baking tins are one of the many details you need to figure out. Other crucial accessories include commercial cooling rack.

Because of a long checklist of items to buy and procedures involved in opening a bakery ,many bakers have no time to closely examine the quality of these tins.

That’s why Bakewave takes away this headache from you and packages together a set of high quality cake baking tins for use in your bakery. Let’s examine more details on quality of baking tins below:

Which cake tin quality is best for bakery in Kenya?

Of Course, the best would be to use stainless steel baking tins or even heat-resistant glassed tins. However, most for the case of commercial baking, most bakeries are not able to afford this cost because stainless steel baking tins would be very expensive. That’s why we use aluminum baking tins of gauge 24. Let’s see some benefits below:

Benefits of aluminum cake pans gauge 24

1.It’s a food grade material and therefore safe.

2. Cheaper and affordable as compared to stainless steel or glass which are out of reach for many bakeries

3. Can be molded into many cake shapes like “round, square, calabash, football, bike, book” etc which are important for special birthday and functional cakes

Rising demand of sunken cake trays in Kenya

Recent increases in prices of salad oil has pushed out deep fried products like mandazi, kangumu and kdf pushed out of the market and the introduction affordable baked products. These products include water cake and vanilla cake that are doing well in mass-market areas. Other types of tins in high demand include bread baking tins.

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