Cooling Rack for Bakery

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Introducing  Stainless Steel Racks for Baking in Kenya

Are you a baker in Kenya and wondering why spending some money on commercial cooling rack for bakery is necessary?Let’s examine the reasons why cooling rack is necessary in a commercial bakery.

Benefits of  meshed cooling racks in bakery

From my experience going around commercial bakeries in Kenya I have noted some use wooden baking racks. These racks have hard khaki paper placed on them.

This is definitely a cheap way to make the racks but it has some disadvantages. Because of the solid nature of the wood and the khaki, there’s lack air flow from below.

The baked product cannot lose heat from below. It therefore condenses the hot air into water on the lower side. This means the crust for bread and cake now becomes soggy. This is why commercial cooling racks for bakery are meshed

This now gives bacteria and fungus ability to grow very fast after the product is packaged. This is not only leads to food poisoning but also means that the product is taken off the shelfs before the recommended dates

 Summary of these advantages of meshed racks in a bakery;

1. Allows you produce and supply high quality baked products. This is because the crust is able to dry well and avoid being soggy.

2. Avoids food poisoning and food contamination. The products are able to dry properly and there is no room for bacteria and fungus growth

So Bakewave strongly advises Bakeries to use meshed commercial cooling racks for bakery. This is to  allow for food safety and continuously producing high quality products.

We have 1.5M long and 1.8M long stainless steel cooling racks each with 6 tiers. Each Cooling rack has 6 powerful rubber coated wheels to allow for free movement from oven (during de-panning) area to slicing area (for slicing). Other accessories required are bread baking tins, baking trays, cake tins, commercial stainless steel sink and commercial stainless steel table.

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