Food Warmer

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Introducing a new technology of Food Warmer Bain Marie !

Tired of the old food warmer bain marie where you add water all the time to heat up the food? What happened when you forgot to add water? That’s why Bakewave has introduced new technology food warmer that heats direct where you place your food inserts. There fore eliminating the use of water in food warmers.

Energy saving concept.

This new technology eliminates the energy we need to heat up the water and instead heating the plate directly which in turn heats up the food in the inserts. This elimination of water heating stage saves up to 30% energy as opposed to the old models of food warmers.

1. New improved heating technology 

With only 5kw energy requirement, direct heating of the plate saves energy and eliminates labour of filling up the food warmer bain marie with water. This also saves water and keeps the food fresh and hot.

2. Durability 

It is constructed with a double layer insulating glass door, LED lighting system and micro computer precise temperature control. These are the latest technological applications in food processing equipment.

3. Easy to use

At the touch of a button you can set the temperature that you want your food to heat up to. With no additional water required regularly, this machine is a plug and play equipment.

4. Low maintenance cost

This machine saves you thousands of litres in a month as opposed to older models of food warmer bain marie. It also has zero risk of the heating coils breaking down in case you forgot to add water. This was a major problem with the older models.

5. Easy to clean

Because of the entire internal structure made of stainless steel including inserts ensure, that bacteria do not accumulate inside and outside. This makes the food warmer bain marie easy to clean

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