Baking Trays for Oven

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Quality: Stainless steel trays

Introducing best quality baking trays in Kenya

Looking for the baking trays for sale in Kenya? Bakewave also stocks cake tins, bread baking tins and commercial stainless steel sinks as additional baking accessories.

Why it  should have enough trays and baking pans for your bakery?

Enough trays in the bakery forms a key part in the efficiency and operations of the bakery. This is because the oven should not be switched regularly because of lack of baking trays and tins.

The reason for this is because switching off then switching on the oven time to time will lead to higher energy consumption. It is because a lot of power is needed to start an oven.

Therefore having 4 times the capacity of your baking oven is ideal. For example if you have 2 deck tray oven, a total of 16 baking trays would work perfectly in this case. Same applies to bread baking tins.

These sizes are different depending on the oven that you are using or bought from Bakewave:

1.For deck ovens we use 600mm by 400mm trays.

2.For commercial convection ovens we use 700mm by 500mm trays since the ovens have been customized for commercial productions.

3.For rotary ovens we are using 800mm by 600mm baking trays.

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