Commercial Stainless Steel Sink

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Commercial Sink

Commercial sink for Kitchen and Bakery in Kenya.

Are you a commercial bakery or kitchen in Kenya and looking for commercial stainless steel sink for your project?

From my experience in the bakery set up, drainage for the waste water from bakery  and kitchen sometimes may contain a lot of floor waste. Sometimes also the bakery or kitchen may be using vegetables, fruits items whose waste might clog up the sink.

That’s why an essential good bakery and kitchen drainage will start with a well designed sink.

Advantages of the Bakewave commercial sink

1.Thick stainless steel and reinforced structure.

This withstands heavy commercial pressure in a commercial bakery or kitchen. For a bakery for example, during cleaning of bread baking tins, the heavy tins are placed on the sink. This is because tins are attached to each other some up to 5 tins and this could weigh more than 7 kgs.

An ordinary kitchen sink cannot withstand this weight and would start to bend immediately. Thats why we use commercial stainless steel sink which are reinforced.

2.The Bakewave commercial stainless steel sink contains a worktop.

Assuming its a general cleaning day and you are washing items like baking tins or kitchen utensils on a normal day. You will need somewhere to place the items after washing to ease your operations. This is one of the main reasons why you cannot use an ordinary home kitchen sink in a commercial bakery or kitchen.

3.Sink contains accessories that allow passage of waste including debris from kitchen

That is why the Bakewave commercial stainless steel sink contains 85mm think drainage hole. Then is then connected to a 30mm thick pipe .This pipe is part of the sink .Consequently this ensures that your sink doesn’t get clogged incase of flour or debris from vegetables unlike your kitchen sink for home.

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