Planetary Mixer 40L

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  • It is equipped with a high quality stainless steel dough bowl.
  • It can handle all kinds of light dough products.
  • It has three separate mixing attachments
  • It has a high efficient speed change system.
  • It is CE certified.
  • It has a 1 year warranty

Best Quality Planetary Mixer in Kenya

What is a planetary mixer?

A planetary mixer is  a cake and light dough mixer that has one motor and a fixed bowl. Characterised by three different mixing arms that are known as beater, hook and whisk. Each of these arms performs different functions with the beater used for general marble cakes. The hook for light dough for light bread dough or buns ,pastry, and cookies. The whisk is for spongy cakes and used to drive a lot of air in a cake where a lot of egg are added to produce that black forest, swiss roll type of sponge cakes.

Why is it called a planetary mixer?

Derived for the word planet. As you know all planets must have one characteristic: to orbit a star like the way the earth orbits the sun. In the same way each of the three mixing arm or attachments above move in a circular controlled motion on the outer side of the bowl just like the earths does around the sun hence the name planetary mixer.

There are various sizes of the planetary mixer (also referred to as cake mixer) which start from cake mixer 10L, 20L, 30L, 40L and other larger capacities.

The three main differences between a spiral mixer and planetary mixer

1. In general planetary mixers have one motor and not very powerful as compared to spiral dough mixers that could have two powerful motors. This is because cake dough and  dough for cookies or pastry is watery and  does not need much power to mix as opposed to bread dough that has only 50% water content making it very tough.

So what happens if you use a planetary or cake mixer to mix bread dough intensively?

You will significantly reduce the lifespan of your planetary or cake mixer. Therefore if you are in intensive dough mixing like production of bread, buns, scones, mandazi, bread rolls or chapati you are better of buying a spiral dough mixer

2. Planetary mixers contain three attachments namely a beater, whisk and hook. However Dough mixers contain only one powerful spiral mixing arm adapted for heavy and tough dough like bread dough

3. Planetary mixers have one bowl that is detachable. On the other hand small dough mixers from 30kg to 130kg mostly have fixed bowls, but bigger sizes than this could have a detachable bowl option.

Dimensionmm620 x 630 x 1011

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