Convection Oven – 12 tray (200 loaves/hr)

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  • It is made using high quality stainless steel on the exterior and interior sections of the oven.
  • It is equipped with a light on the oven door and a tempered perspective glass, for ease of view.
  • It is made using high quality conduction heating pipes and fans that are long lasting.
  • It is also energy effecient while baking.
  • It has a 1 year warranty coverage.
  • It is also CE certified.

Introducing the new Bakewave Convection Oven 12 Trays – the ultimate solution for efficient baking!

Every other day in Kenya the costs of diesel and electricity is going up. As a baker does this scare you? Are you worried that your cost of production will drive you out of business? That’s why Bakewave has introduced the 12-tray convection oven specially customized for commercial production. This means that commercial convection ovens are a key factor to consider if you’re starting a commercial bakery. See the reasons below:

  1. It has bigger tray size – 45 cm by 70 cm customized tray size. This has given the oven a higher production output of 100 loaves per batch (of 400gms) in 25 minutes. It means therefore it produces 200 loaves per hour. This includes an even longer loaf of 260cm by 100 cm by 100cm tin size. This means 10 “by 4″ by 4” loaf size (bigger 400-gram size).

We have other oven capacities convection oven 5 tray (40 loaves/hr), 6 tray (80 loaves/hr), 10 tray (140 loaves/hr) and 12 tray (200 loaves/hr)

2. CONSUMPTION OF ELECTRIC POWER PER HOUR IS ONLY 4  UNITS. This means that in one hour it CONSUMES ONLY KES 100 YET PRODUCES 200 LOAVES. This means that cost of producing one loaf is less than kes 1.00.

3. Equipped with steam to produce soft and golden brown products such as buns, scones and rolls.

4. Almost maintenance-free because no mechanical movement within the oven.

5. Cheaper by 50% as compared to the same capacity of the rotary oven yet that rotary oven cost of production per loaf is KES 2.00!

This is really is unbelievable to most clients when we try to explain it to them. But the sad news is that most clients are still stuck on the rotary oven concept.

If you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to bake, look no further than the Bakewave Convection Oven 12 Trays. With its powerful fans and efficient heat distribution, this oven can reduce cooking times by up to 25% compared to traditional ovens. Because the heat is distributed evenly, you can be confident that all of your products will be baked to perfection.

The Bakewave Convection Oven 12 Trays features easy-to-use temperature controls and steam injection capabilities, allowing you to handle any baking task with ease. Whether you’re running a small bakery or a large commercial bakery, this oven is perfect for your needs.

With its low electrical power requirement, the Bakewave Convection Oven 12 Trays is an excellent choice for those who want to keep operational costs low. It is also highly durable and easy to clean, making it a smart investment for any food service operation.

Investing in a Bakewave Convection Oven 12 trays is a smart choice for any bakery or restaurant. Its versatility and reliability can help you increase efficiency and productivity in the bakery while delivering consistently delicious results every time. Plus, with its low maintenance requirements, you can be sure that your investment will last for years to come.

Don’t settle for mediocre results from traditional ovens. Upgrade to the Bakewave Convection Oven 12 Trays today and take your baking to the next level!

Number of trayspcs12
Tray sizecm45×70
Voltagev380, 50Hz
Temp. range°C20°C – 300°C
Dimensionmm1610 x 1080x 1890

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