Deck Oven with Steam

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Deck Oven with steam

Bakewave has unveiled the deck oven with steam in Kenya. This is as a result of high end bakeries who want to produce premium bread products.  In some ovens they have also included deck oven stone

Importance of deck ovens with steam and stone

1 . Steam allows production of soft and golden brown bread products. This includes buns, scones and rolls.

How steam impacts product quality in a deck oven.

After loading the product and you press the steam buttons, water jets behind the oven release heavy steam. This impacts the crust of the bread or open tray baked products. It softens the crust and changes the colour to golden brown. This all0ws bakeries to sell their products easily because they are very attractive.

2. Stone acts as a buffer between the base of the oven which is metallic and the product being baked. This is indirect heating through stone. This acts as a traditional baking oven and gives a pleasant taste. If you are producing pizza, placing the dough directly on the stone ensures absorption of water from the dough. This generates a crunchy texture on the pizza.

This is a very important component in the production of a high quality quality.


If you are a high end bakery, deck oven with steam is your ideal choice. This is because it will allow you to produce golden brown breard, buns, scones and rolls. It also produces very high quality pizza, additionally it produces high quality thick cakes.

The deck oven with steam has the steaming component separated from the electrical component of the oven. This allows you to switch off the steam component if you are producing cookies. It is this versatility that makes deck oven with steam your best choice for a high end bakery. Other ovens with steam technology include convection ovens and rotary ovens.

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