Cake Oven Price in Kenya

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1. Machine size: 1220mm x 820mm x 575mm
2. Chamber size: 860mm x 640mm x 215mm
3. Single-phase option
4. Volt 220V/Single Phase/6.5 KW
5. High-quality stainless-steel interior and exterior
6. Internal light and tempered glass, easy to check the progress of what’s baking inside
7. Efficient and stable heating pipes, durable enough to last for a long time of service.
8. Highly insulated and ergonomic door handle
11. FREE trays each 600mm by 400mm given per oven
12. Bakewave stocks all necessary spare parts.

Are you are planning to start baking cakes or bread at home or commercially and wondering which baking oven is the best?

How do I start a successful bakery at home? Which cake baking oven or bread baking oven do I need?

While looking for the current cake oven price in Kenya, the deck oven plays a critical role in starting a home bakery or a small commercial bakery. Its actually the best option as a cake baking oven or bread baking oven startup.  Most home bakers in Kenya are doing birthday cake business from home. This business is booming because these cakes have high profit margins and are one of the most profitable products in any  bakery.

However, the quality of a well  baked fluffy ,spongy cake is a must since most of these cakes end up in important once in a lifetime functions like weddings, graduations, house warming and of course birthday cakes.

Thats why Bakewave has packaged a state of the art SINGLE DECK WITH 2 FREE TRAYS with new ENERGY SAVING FEATURES SUCH AS ERGONOMIC HANDLE, AND HEAVY BODY INSULATION. These features reduce energy consumption by 20% as compared to any other deck oven in the Kenyan Market.


1. Are you wondering which size of oven will work with a 2kg cake? The answer  the deck oven.

2. Which cake baking oven will produced a thick well baked cake that will not embarrass you in a wedding, birthday, or housewarming function? Instead it will market your cake as the best quality and give you more customers? The answer is the deck oven

Baking with the Bakewave Cake Baking oven

The Bakewave Cake Baking Oven

Why? The secret lies in the deck oven heating principle.

Deck oven heating principle

Deck oven has upper and lower temperatures. This means that it has upper and lower heating elements. The top temperature reaches the cake by radiation and the bottom by conduction (because the cake tin is in contact with the metallic base of the oven).

It is the unique combination of this two  temperatures that ensure your thick cake is well  baked right inside into the middle or core. When you master the two temperatures and you mix your cake properly with enough eggs, you will produce one of the best cakes in the world!

3. Its cheaper to buy. Compared to our other convection ovens and rotary ovens the deck oven is the most affordable oven and ideal for a startup or home bakery. Bakewave new model energy saving cake oven price in Kenya is KES 75,000+VAT. Are you wondering how much it cost to start a baking business from home?

4. Why the Bakewave single deck oven the best cake baking oven and not any other? The Bakewave single deck oven is fitted with heavy insulation with an ergonomic handle. This in turn ensures that the deck oven does not lose heat to the external surroundings, saving you on power costs.

Ever wondered why some home baked cakes more expensive?

It could be related to the type of oven they are using or where they buy ingredients (in small scale from retail shops that are more expensive)

How can you reduce your cost of energy as a home baker or as a startup?

Benefits of the Bakewave deck oven in terms of reducing your cost of baking as a home baker

  • It has a timer. To allow you do other work as baking is going on. This also cuts down electric consumption since it prevents regular opening of the door to loose heat.
  • It has ergonomic handle that prevents heat loss.
  • Heavy insulated body that prevents heat loss.
  • Low power rating, only 6.5Kw

Cake Baking Oven settings

For Queen cakes the settings are;

  • Upper temperature 180°C, lower temperature 180°C, time 35 minutes.

For cakes (350, 500 and 750 gms)

  • Upper temperature 180°C, lower temperature 180°C, time 45 minutes.

Before concluding on the best cake baking oven or bread baking oven price please check the above important details . Want to bake more cakes? Check out our 2 deck 4 tray oven

Number of trayspcs2
Tray sizecm40×60
Chamber sizemm860 x 640 x 215
Dimensionmm1220 x 820 x 575

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