3 Deck Oven – 6 Tray

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1. Machine size: 1220mm x 820mm x 1530mm
2. Chamber size: 860mm x 640mm x 215mm
3. Three-phased option.
4. Volt 380V/Three Phase/19.8 KW.
5. High-quality stainless-steel interior and exterior.
6. Internal light and tempered glass on each 3 decks, to easily check the progress of what’s baking inside.
7. Efficient and stable heating pipes on 3 decks, durable enough to last for a long time of service.
8. Three heat-insulated and ergonomic door handles.
11. FREE trays each 600mm by 400mm given per oven.
12. Bakewave stocks all necessary spare parts, for the 3 deck 6 tray oven.

Introduction to 3 deck 6 tray electric oven in Kenya

Are you looking for 3 deck oven price in Kenya? Before we focus on the price issue did you know that there are different types of quality of the deck ovens in Kenya. Depending on oven quality and insulation, Bakewave has introduced new energy-saving, heavy-duty deck ovens.

This is because these ovens are highly insulated in the body itself and also in the the handle is ergonomically insulated. Therefore these deck ovens consume 20% LESS than ordinary deck ovens in the Kenyan market.

3 deck oven with 2 trays is the ideal solution for busy commercial bakery looking to increase efficiency and productivity. With its three decks, bakers and chefs can bake multiple items at the same time, saving valuable time and effort. Additionally, we have 3 deck 9 tray and 3 deck 12 tray ovens for bakers who want to bake more products.

Features of the 3 deck 6 tray oven

Each deck is equipped with 2 trays, providing a total of 6 trays for baking large batches of items such as bread, pastries, pizzas, and more.

Made of heavy-duty steel or aluminum, these trays are built to withstand the demands of a commercial bakery. They are easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.

Moreover, the oven is powered by electricity and features precise temperature controls, allowing for easy adjustment as needed. The fan-assisted heating system ensures even heat distribution and consistent results, reducing hot spots and ensuring perfectly cooked baked goods every time.

Safety features of the 3 deck oven

Additionally, safety is a key consideration in the design of this oven. The double-paned glass door helps retain heat inside and minimize the risk of injury to operators. The built-in timer can be set to automatically shut off after a specified amount of time. This reduces the risk of overcooking or burning your baked goods.

In conclusion, a 3 deck oven with 2 trays is the perfect investment for commercial bakeries. Thi is best in streamlining their baking process and delivering high-quality baked goods to their customers.

Its compact size, versatility, and ease of use make it a must-have for any busy bakery. So, if you want to increase your efficiency, productivity, and success, look no further than this oven.

Consider insulation and consumption before purchasing 3 deck oven

Most bakers in Kenya rush to conclude their purchase decision based on price. However, this is a risky undertaking because cheap ovens mean that their manufacturing cost is low. That means that key insulation features have been omitted to make this oven cheap.

This translates to a high cost of electric energy consumption. Next time you are looking for 3 deck oven price in Kenya, please also consider the quality and consumption of the Bakewave 3 deck 6 tray high-quality deck oven. Are you interested in a smaller size deck oven? You can check our our 2 deck 4 tray oven.

Number of trayspcs6
Tray sizecm40×60
Chamber sizemm860 x 640 x 215
Dimensionmm1220 x 820 x 1530

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