Gas Oven Double Deck

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  • It is made using high quality stainless steel on the exterior and interior sections of the
  • It is equipped with a light in the oven and a tempered perspective glass on the oven doors, for ease of
  • It is made using high quality conduction heating pipes that are long lasting.
  • It has a 1 year warranty coverage.
  • It is also CE certified.

Introduction to Bakewave 2 deck 4 tray gas oven

Kenya is facing rising costs of power and raw materials required for a bakery business. This is as a result of inflation which has affected the bakery business. Thats why Bakewave has introduced the gas oven double deck with 4 trays.

This deck oven has additional energy-saving features. They include;

Ergonomic handle insulation and very heavy use of heat-resistant material. Not all gas ovens are efficient, this is because of the manufacturing standards used. Bakewave only sources for CE-certified European Standards sold in American and European markets.

This ensures that the gas consumed during baking is less compared to other gas ovens in the market.

Advantages of the Bakewave gas deck oven

1. It’s only 200 watts in electric power requirements. This means it consumes less electricity.

2. Ideal for remote areas with or without electricity. This is because the double deck gas oven requires a low electrical power supply to function. A small generator can be used to run the oven even when there’s no electricity at all.

3. It consumes less gas than any other deck oven in the market. This is because of the CE standards that were applied during manufacturing. These include ergonomic handle insulation and heavy insulation on the body.

4. It can bake a wide variety of products. They include bread, buns, cakes, scones, rolls, pizza, small cakes etc.

5 . The Bakewave gas oven double oven is stable are requires less maintenance.

6. Bakewave stocks all the necessary spare parts that include; thermocouples, temperature monitors, heat resistant bulbs, deck oven timers, etc.

Are you looking for a larger gas deck oven to increase your production capacity? The 3 deck 6 tray gas oven is the right option for you.

Number of trayspcs4
Tray sizecm40×60
Power Consumptionkg/h1.52
Chamber sizemm860 x 650 x 215
Dimensionmm1330 x 890 x 650

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