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1. Machine size: 1220mm x 820mm x 575mm
2. Chamber size: 860mm x 640mm x 215mm
3. Single-phase option
4. Volt 220V/Single Phase/6.5 KW
5. High-quality stainless-steel interior and exterior
6. Internal light and tempered glass, easy to check the progress of what’s baking inside
7. Efficient and stable heating pipes, durable enough to last for a long time of service.
8. Highly insulated and ergonomic door handle
11. FREE trays each 600mm by 400mm given per oven
12. Bakewave stocks all necessary spare parts.

The Bakewave Single Deck oven quality is only found at Bakewave Ltd. It is the ideal tool for bakeries at this time of economic crisis because it has been designed to consume less energy than any other deck oven. best startup tool for any baker. This is because :

1. Consumes less electric power. This is because of 2 major reasons

a) It has only a 6.5 KW energy requirement

b) It has very heavy insulation material on its entire surface. It has also ergonomic insulation on its handle

Bakewave Single Deck Oven with Open Door

Bakewave Single Deck Oven with Open Door

2. It’s single phase. This means that it can be used anywhere in an institution or home baking. It is actually the best oven for homebaking startups

Baking with the bakewave deck oven

Baking with the bakewave deck oven

3. Contains 2 FREE trays as giveaways. This allows you to bake small batches of products of your choice. This could be bread, cakes, cookies, buns, scones,rolls etc.

An image inside the bakewave deck oven showing the trays

An image inside the bakewave deck oven showing the trays

4. It is equipped with a timer. This allows you to multitask. You can do other work like dough mixing or molding as you bake. It automatically alerts you with an alarm once your bake is ready.

Bakewave Deck Oven timer

Bakewave Deck Oven timer

5. Single deck oven is a very stable oven. It has very low maintenance cost because its has no mechanical movement.

6. Bakewave has the necessary spare parts for the single deck oven. This includes the temperature monitor or temperature control at only kes 5,220.00. Bakewave also stocks the thermocouple

Bakewave Temperature control

Bakewave Temperature control

7. Easy to scale up your bakery production. If your production demand increases you can easily purchase another single deck and place it on top of the other. Tjhis will act like a 2 deck 4 tray oven.

In conclusion, the single deck oven is ideal for small production of baked products. This includes especially bread, buns, scones, rolls, cookies, special breads, pastries, etc.

Most importantly it is the ideal equipment for home-bakers who want to venture into functional cakes baking. This is because functional cakes like birthday or wedding cakes are very thick. The heating module of the oven is very ideal for this.

How a baking deck oven operates: the deck oven working principle

This is because has both bottom and top temperatures. The bottom temperature reaches the baking tin by conduction as heat passes directly from the heating surface of the deck oven to the baking tin. The top temperature reaches the baked product by radiation since it’s not in direct contact with the tin or baked product

It is a combination of the different modes of heating that makes single-deck oven very ideal for baking very thick cakes. These cakes can be as wide as the baking tray itself which is 600mm by 400mm and as thick as 150mm.

Number of trayspcs2
Tray sizecm40×60
Chamber sizemm860 x 640 x 215
Dimensionmm1220 x 820 x 575
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